Madam Happenstance’s Guide to Eroto-magical Cookery

“Molly was a foodie.   She was overweight and didn’t care.  Diets were for the insecure skinny chicks who wanted to become even skinnier so that guys would want to fuck them.  Molly liked sex—and she had tried it in college, with both men and women—but she knew there were greater pleasures in life.  She preferred a succulent piece of foie gras to a succulent cock.  She appreciated the fatty creaminess of a nice pair of breasts, but preferred the fatty creaminess of fatty cream.  A tongue in her mouth was all well and good, but it was better if properly boiled and braised.  Porn turned her on, but not as much as the elBulli cookbook…”

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I Modi No 4: “The Satyr & the Nymph”

Note: This is the fourth in a series of short stories inspired by Agostino Carracci’s edition of I Modi.

“We nymphs were never virgins. We are the daughters of nature herself, immortal and brimming with the profligate sexuality of the wild. We play together and pleasure each other with our fingers and tongues. We are shameless exhibitionists. We lure men into our realm and we let them look upon us as we bathe and frolic and dance together, letting them believe we do not know they are there. Sometimes we catch one, and we use him as our plaything. We do all those things to him that his wife has never dared to do but that he has always secretly wanted. Then we release him into the wilds, naked and flaccid and scared, exposed to all the gorgeous savagery of nature. We let him find his own way home.

“Usually he makes it…”

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Pornography and Indie Music

There’s an interesting debate going on over at Remittance Girl about the definition of pornography. Be sure to read the comments—they get pretty wild.

It’s especially interesting to read her definition in the context of Dr. Faustus’s superb “On Making Your Own” series at Erotic Mad Science (or a slightly modified version of the same series at Eros Blog).

Central to Remittance Girl’s definition is the idea that pornography is inherently commercial…

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I Modi No 2: “Paris & Oenone”

Note: This is the second in a series of short stories inspired by Agostino Carracci’s edition of I Modi.

“On Mount Ida, three goddesses bathed in a spring, and came to me, naked and radiant, each one begging me to gaze upon her beauty. I held a golden apple in my hands, delivered to me by Hermes himself, and my task was to award the apple to the fairest goddess…”

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I Modi No 1: “Venus Genetrix”

Note: This is the first in a series of short stories inspired by Agostino Carracci’s edition of I Modi.

“Gaze upon me, mortal, for I am desire made flesh, lover of all lovers, goddess of pleasure, mother of Eros. I cast off my peplos and ride naked across the sky in my chariot pulled by doves. I wear only my kestos himas, this girdle of leather and gold, beneath my breasts. It is an enchanted garment, steeped in spells of love and lust…”

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