Explorations in Xenophilia: “Conclusion”

Badchester – Week-of-Changes, 5th Cycle, Friday


And so it ends. After two years of travel I am back in Badchester at last. I arrived this morning by ox-cart, taking the old road from the Greenwood. I must admit I am glad to be home. It’s the smells that got me, the frying spices of the food stands, the roses that grow along Wommot’s Parade, the sweat of a million bodies all packed together into this great city. And now, the musty armchairs and cigar smoke of the faculty club. I sit here alone, thinking back on my adventures.

What you have read is merely a rough draft, dear reader, the hastiest of sketches. As I mentioned in my introduction, this book is a beginning, the seed of a much longer work. With any luck, I won’t have to write it alone. I have an entirely shameless fantasy, which I will reveal here 1—I fantasize that this book will inspire a generation of scholars to take up the torch and begin research trips of their own. I fantasize about graduate students heading from Badchester to the four corners of the world to continue the work that I have begun here. I dream of PhDs on Thok’taglas, and monographs on Satyr-Human sexual politics in Morningtown. I that the BDSM community will begin making pilgrimages to Snarfulk Warhub to experience the pleasures of being an Ork’s lover-adversary, and of therapists traveling to Balflowesh Tent City to learn the art of erotic massage from the Phantomon. Most of all, I dream that more xeno scholars and xenophiles will visit Badchester, so that we might learn from them and teach them about Human erotic culture.

As I mentioned in my introduction, this book is “a coming out, a work of pornography, a travelogue, an ethnography, a diary and a call to arms.” I hope that you, dear reader, have been aroused by my adventures. I hope that you have recognized within yourselves the seed of xenophilia, and I hope that you will let that seed flower and bear fruit.

I leave you with my final illustration.

Illustration 12.1 – Click image to hide/show clothing


  1. for what else has this book been than a record of shameless fantasties fulfilled?

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