Explorations in Xenophilia: “Leaflings”

The Greenwood – Week-of-Safety, 5th Cycle, Thursday

Sex for the Leaflings of the Greenwood has nothing to do with reproduction. Leaflings procreate asexually, by taking cuttings of themselves and letting them grow inside special greenhouse-like structures until maturity. Instead, Leaflings use their sexual organs to nourish one another. In order to understand the role that sex plays in Leafling culture, it is necessary to understand something of Leafling anatomy and physiology.

Female Leaflings have green, chlorophyll-rich skin and are capable of photosynthesis. This process produces a sugary sap that courses through their veins like Human blood, but they lack roots and so cannot obtain essential nutrients from the soil. Male Leaflings are equipped with roots, which suck up the nutrient-rich groundwater that lies beneath the forest floor, but their brown, bark-like skin is not capable of photosynthesis and so they cannot produce sap. Sex overcomes both of these deficiencies. The male Leafling’s ejaculate is full of nutrients, which the female absorbs into her body through the walls of her vagina; conversely, the sap that flows from the female’s vagina during arousal is absorbed into the male’s penis.

Pleasure is just as much a part of sex for Leaflings as for Humans, but sex is also a necessity of life. In many ways sex for Leaflings is akin to eating. Without regular sex a Leafling of either gender would wither away and die.

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Homosexuality does exist in Leafling culture, but most Leaflings would agree that even the most ardent homosexual must, by necessity, have regular heterosexual sex in order to stay alive. Theresa Quicksap is trying to change this view. She is a lesbian who abjures sex with men. She essentially obtains her nutrients through artificial insemination. Her lover, Agatha Mayblossom, makes love to male Leaflings and then shares their nourishing sexual fluids with Theresa using her hands or mouth.

“Agatha has three times as much sex as most Leaflings,” Theresa explained to me. “She has to have sex with a man to nourish herself, then with another man to obtain nourishment for me, then she has to pass those nutrients to me through sex.”

“Does she mind all that extra work?” I asked, naively.

“Work?” Theresa laughed. “It’s sex! You haven’t met Agatha. She wouldn’t have it any other way!”


Male Leaflings are immobile, because of their deep roots, which creates an interesting sexual power dynamic. Sexual relationships between Leaflings are complicated physical and emotional affairs. When lovers split up, both partners must find other lovers quickly; their lives literally depend on it. This is often more difficult for men, as they must wait for females to come to them.

“We would never let a man die,” Theresa told me. “If a woman hears about a man who hasn’t had sex in a while she’ll go and make sure he’s well nourished. There are a few guys around whom no one likes, but no one’s going to let them die. Even I’ve done it occasionally.”


Theresa agreed to make love to me without hesitation. Strangely enough, despite the wildly different evolutionary purpose, sex with Theresa was very similar to sex with a Human woman. The most striking difference was the taste of her vaginal fluids. The clear, sweet sap that flowed from her vagina was indescribably delicious.

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