Explorations in Xenophilia: “Pixies”

The Greenwood – Week-of-Vines, 5th Cycle, Monday

Gloriana Mustardseed, my primary subject for this chapter, is a hunter by profession, but Pixies do not hunt for meat—they hunt for eros. The tips of Pixie arrows are smeared with a potent aphrodisiac, derived from the sap of the sugermilk tree. A Human whose flesh is pierced by such an arrow will feel no more than a sharp prick (the sensation is similar to that of a bee sting) but will almost immediately begin to experience a powerful and urgent arousal, and will seek satisfaction in whatever manner is most convenient to him or her. The erotic culture of the Greenwood Pixies is based on voyeurism and mischief, and there is no greater joy for Pixies than to watch other creatures making love, especially when there is something illicit or scandalous about the sex. The Cupid myth, variations of which are found in many different cultures and historical periods, is clearly based on Pixies.

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Gloriana told me that the ideal prey for a Pixie hunter is a couple who normally hate each other, but who are unable to resist each other under the influence of the Pixie tincture. It is a rare occurrence to find such a couple, as the hunter must rely on trickery and luck to lure a pair of enemies into the Greenwood at the same time. Gloriana explained that it is the contrast of emotional states that is so delicious to Pixies, the sudden and startling transition from pure hatred to pure lust.

Gloriana made love to me without hesitation or embarrassment. There is no taboo on xenophilia in Pixie culture, and Pixies often take Human lovers. The size-difference between me and Gloriana made for a strange and wonderful experience. Her touch was exquisitely delicate, and she made delightful use of her wings, fluttering them against my nipples and vulva during foreplay. She worked my clitoris between her hands, as if it were a ball of dough she were kneading. The sensation this produced was utterly unlike that of a finger. It felt simultaneously more precise and more full-bodied. She used her entire body to penetrate me, climbing into my mouth and emerging moist and glistening with saliva, then wriggling into my vagina as if it were sleeping bag. It was a bizarre but extremely pleasurable experience, feeling her inching her way inside me until only her feet were poking out beyond my labia. She massaged my G-spot with her arms and breasts until I ran with the juices of my desire. She nuzzled against my cervix and licked its opening. She writhed about inside me, and remained inside me as I came. I worried that the rapid contractions of my orgasm would crush her, but she emerged laughing happy, covered from head to toe in my fluids.

I asked Gloriana if she ever used her arrows to arouse xenophilic lust in other creatures, and she told me the story of her greatest triumph as a hunter. During the great Dwarf-Ork War of the Third Cycle, a Dwarven warrior escaped into the Greenwood after her company was routed from the battlefield. In the depths of the wood she came upon a pool, where one of her Ork foes was bathing and nursing her wounds. Gloriana saw this and pricked them both with her aphrodisiac-laced arrows. The Dwarf and the Ork were unable to resist one another, and the most vicious hatred turned into the most passionate love-making that Gloriana had ever seen.

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