Explorations in Xenophilia: “Centaurs”

Note: This is the eleventh in a series of excerpts from Doctor Meredith Underwood’s influential book on the erotic lives of xenosapient people, Explorations in Xenophilia.

“Every Centaur has two complete sets of genitalia—a humanoid set and an equine set. Each are found more-or-less where you would expect, with the human set located right at the point of transition into the horse body. The human genitals are often left out of classical depictions of Centaurs, and even some modern textbooks are bowdlerized in this manner. In such depictions the human waist transitions directly into the horse’s breast. In actuality, the Human part extends down between the horse’s shoulders, and only fully transitions in the perineal region…”

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Lilly & the Goblin

“I’m different.

My parents thought I was a boy when I was born. It took them years to work out that I wasn’t.

It’s obvious now. I wear women’s clothes, women’s makeup, I have a woman’s haircut. I have a woman’s hips and thighs and breasts. But babies don’t have any of that, so they assumed I was a boy, dressed me as a boy and sent me to school as a boy…”

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